Bready machine and mixes

What is Bready?

The Bready System is a revolutionary method for preparing breads and cakes in your home, small office or commercial setting. We refer to it as a system because Bready marries a robotic baking appliance and mix bag to deliver fresh, consistently superior breads, cakes, doughs and pie crust.

Designed and developed by Swedish engineers over a span of 20 years, Bready is a true departure from existing bread machines eliminating guesswork and delivering perfect results automatically.  There’s no paddle to remove, and the loaves look like what you’d expect to find at your favorite bakery. The mix bags come pre-sealed and dough is prepared entirely inside the bag, dramatically reducing the risk of contamination.

How To Use Bready 

1) Simply place a mix bag into Bready, add water and press the touchpad.

2) The unit’s internal scanner reads a barcode on the mix bag, which determines the kneading, resting and baking steps and time needed for the specific mix.

3) The dough is mixed, kneaded and raised inside the mix bag, then automatically transferred out of the bag and into the bake pan. Once in the pan, the dough continues to rise for the programmed period of time.

4) Like every other step in the intricate bread making process, the dough is baked at the perfect temperature, and steam is injected (if desired) for a crispier crust.

5) After the baking cycle’s complete, the empty mix bag is then wound around a cylinder at the bottom of the machine for easy disposal.

6) When your bread loaf, cake or dough is ready, Bready notifies you via a series of "beeps." A non-stick bake pan allows your bread to roll out effortlessly onto a cooling rack.


Watch Bready in action here.


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